List of all the American schools, IB, British schools, and other international schools in Chandigarh - Search Results:

Chitkara International School

Chitkara International School is nestled in a quiet suburb near Chandigarh, India. Teaching and learning at this leading international school follows the Bilingual methodology. The school admits students from home and abroad.

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Firststeps School

Through cultivating knowledge and supporting learning with lessons based on the PYP, MYP, & IBDP model, and with a campus in comfortable surroundings near Chandigarh, India, Firststeps School is an international school that sets the highest academic standards.

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Strawberry Fields High School

Strawberry Fields High School is a leading private English medium school near Chandigarh, India, where pupils undergo a transformative learning experience. The syllabus and teaching approaches are adapted from the PYP, MYP, & IBDP curriculum.

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