List of all the American schools, IB, British schools, and other international schools in Espoo - Search Results:

Espoo International School

Espoo International School is a is leading provider of international education nestled in the built up center of Espoo, Finland. This English medium international school offers a broad range of academic and extracurricular activities structured on the International Baccalaureate method.

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Etelä-Tapiolan lukio

Etelä-Tapiolan lukio is a highly rated international school that caters to home and expatriate students living in the Espoo area. It nurtures and improves young minds with a world class program developed from the PYP, MYP, & IBDP curriculum.

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Mattlidens Gymnasium

Providing a world class Finland education for home and overseas pupils alike, Mattlidens Gymnasium has built a reputation for excellence among locals and expatriates within Espoo and beyond.

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