List of all the American schools, IB, British schools, and other international schools in Gdańsk - Search Results:

British International School Gdansk

Offering a quality education in English designed around the British methodology, for home and overseas students living in Gdańsk, British International School Gdansk is an international school known for its dedication to cultivating the highest academic standards.

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International School of Gdansk

With a campus in the urban center of Gdańsk, International School of Gdansk is considered among the leading academic institutions in the city. Instruction based on the IB method is provided to local and expatriate students.

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ZSO No.13 Gdansk

As a school with an international outlook which offers a Poland education to children from both home and abroad, ZSO No.13 Gdansk has earned a name as one of the best English medium international schools in Gdansk.

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