List of all the American schools, IB, British schools, and other international schools in Hawally - Search Results:

A’Takamul International School (ATIS)

A’Takamul International School (ATIS) is an established international school with a reputation for setting the highest academic standards. Learning and teaching approaches are adapted from the Bilingual curriculum with English as the language of instruction.

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Al Ru’ya Bilingual School

Al Ru'ya Bilingual School is one of the most highly rated English medium schools in the Hawally, Kuwait area. Teaching staff at this international school deliver an outward-looking program based on the British model to pupils from across the globe.

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Al-Bayan Bilingual School

Offering tuition in English developed from the Canadian & American curriculum for local and overseas children in Hawally, Al-Bayan Bilingual School is an international school with an enviable reputation for quality education at home and abroad.

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American Creativity Academy

American Creativity Academy is a prestigious international school in the Hawally locality where ability is developed and nurtured. The school adopts a modern teaching approach with a curriculum derived from the American & IB method.

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American School of Kuwait

Located in Hawalli, Kuwait, American School of Kuwait is among the most prestigious international schools in the region. The school offers a program based on the US Common Core approach to students from all over the world.

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Arab American Bilingual Academy

Arab American Bilingual Academy is an international school with a state of the art campus near Hawally, Kuwait. This English medium school has earned a reputation for excellence among locals and expatriates. Tuition is based on the American approach.

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New English School

Thanks to its professional teachers delivering lessons structured around an accredited British curriculum, and its relaxed environment near Hawally, Kuwait, New English School has received acknowledgement as a leading provider of international education.

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The English Academy

The English Academy is an international school in an attractive location close to Hawally, Kuwait that is recognized for providing the highest quality learning opportunities. Instruction is in English and lessons adhere to the British scholastic approach.

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