List of all the American schools, IB, British schools, and other international schools in Lausanne - Search Results:

Collège Champittet

Collège Champittet is an international school in Pully, Switzerland that has a strong reputation within English medium education circles. The school admits home and overseas students and the teaching syllabus is derived from International Baccalaureate methods.

Ecole Nouvelle de La Suisse Romande – Chailly

Ecole Nouvelle de La Suisse Romande - Chailly is among the most respected international schools in the Lausanne, Switzerland district. The teaching staff deliver an expansive syllabus in English with lessons and learning materials based on the IB methodology.

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Ecole- billingue

Ecole- billingue is a licenced international school located near Lausanne, Switzerland that offers a cutting-edge program of curricular and extracurricular learning. Instruction is in English with lesson plans derived from the Bilingual curriculum.

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Lemania College Lausanne

Lemania College Lausanne is a prestigious international school in the Lausanne locality where ability is developed and nurtured. The school adopts a modern teaching approach with a curriculum derived from the International Baccalaureate method.

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