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Access International Academy, Ningbo

Access International Academy, Ningbo is an international school with a campus situated in desirable surroundings near Ningbo, China. Teaching and learning are conducted in English with materials developed from the American education system.

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HD Ningbo School

  • 1.0/ 5 2 Ratings

Situated in the heart of Ningbo China, HD Ningbo School is among the most respected international schools in the city. Its teachers deliver an expansive syllabus based on the Bilingual curriculum to children of local and expatriate families.

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Ningbo Huamao International School

Ningbo Huamao International School is a leading private English medium international school with its campus near Ningbo, China, that offers a transformative education based on the International Baccalaureate system to home and overseas students.

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Ningbo International School

Providing instruction in accordance with the British education system, for pupils of various nationalities based in Ningbo, Ningbo International School is an international school that has earned recognition for excellence within local and expat communities.

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Ningbo Xiaoshi High School (IB Section)

Ningbo Xiaoshi High School (IB Section) has forged a reputation for academic excellence among the local and expat communities in Ningbo. This international school offers an education built around the International Baccalaureate methodology to students from home and overseas.

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