List of all the American schools, IB, British schools, and other international schools in Santiago de Querétaro - Search Results:

Colegio Álamos

Colegio Álamos is one of the most highly rated English medium schools in the Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico area. Teaching staff at this international school deliver an outward-looking program based on the International Baccalaureate model to pupils from across the globe.

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Colegio Celta Internacional

Colegio Celta Internacional is a highly ranked English medium school for home and overseas children with its campus near Santiago de Queretaro, Mexico. This institution strives for excellence in education with a curriculum derived from the International Baccalaureate methodology.

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Colegio Suizo de México – Campus Querétaro

Colegio Suizo de México - Campus Querétaro is a certified international school set in a relaxed environment near Santiago de Queretaro, Mexico where teachers cultivate learning and develop global citizens. English is the language of instruction with lessons based around the IB model.

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Escuela John F. Kennedy

Escuela John F. Kennedy has established a reputation among the best performing international schools in Santiago de Queretaro. This school educates children from local and expatriate communities with material drawn from the International Baccalaureate curriculum.

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International School of Queretaro

International School of Queretaro is a top international school that caters to children from local and overseas families living in Santiago de Queretaro, Mexico. A program of learning based around the Bilingual method takes place inside and outside the classroom.

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