List of all the American schools, IB, British schools, and other international schools in Santo Domingo - Search Results:

Brilliant Minds School

Our school is a private, secular school that promotes multiculturalism because we believe that cultural integration enriches students’ knowledge. We instruct children of different cultures valuing their race, color and creed. We accept children from one year of age (in preschool) to 12th grade of hi...

Carol Morgan School of Santo Domingo

Carol Morgan School of Santo Domingo is a highly ranked English medium international school in the Santo Domingo catchment area that stands for educational excellence. This institute adopts teaching methods derived from the American curriculum.

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Cathedral International School

Cathedral International School is reputed as one of the leading international schools in the Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic area. Highly qualified professional teachers deliver a comprehensive program with lessons in English adapted from the Bilingual curriculum.

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King’s Christian School

Set in the relaxed environment of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, King's Christian School is acknowledged as a leading provider of international education. The school delivers a program derived from the Bilingual approach to local and expatriate students.

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Saint Joseph School

Occupying an attractive location in Santo Domingo, Saint Joseph School is renowned for its commitment to cultivating high academic attainment. Schooling is in English and developed from the Bilingual program for local and expat children.

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St Michael’s School

St Michael's School is a top international school close to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where learning takes place inside and outside the classroom. The school offers an international education based around the American methodology.

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The Ashton School of Santo Domingo

With its sizeable campus right in the heart of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, The Ashton School of Santo Domingo is one of the leading academic institutes in the region. Children from both local and expat families explore and engage with learning materials derived from the Bilingual methodology....

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Unidad Educativa Letort

Providing instruction in accordance with the IB education system, for pupils of various nationalities based in Santo Domingo, Unidad Educativa Letort is an international school that has earned recognition for excellence within local and expat communities.

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